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Yes, if you are going to do it this is how to do it.

I might use different music but this is the way to have a wedding.

Back in the days when I was designing and building theatrical scenery I had a few contracts that were for weddings but I never got to see what actually happened at the wedding. One in particular that sticks in my mind was for a Greco-Roman theatre stage and skene. I wonder was the wedding party all dressed up in Bacchic costume and regalia, was it a Dionysian festival?

I’m thinking in fact that IF was was going to get married here’s the music I would want to use ….Intro & Dancing In The Wind by Passport. I would need a good choreographer but I have the direction, staging, and lighting all worked out in my head.


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Well usually whenever I hear or see a reference to Conrad Black‘s Canadian publication The National Post I roll my eyes and wonder "Oh boy, just what are the global warming deniers trying to tell today" but today I read an op-ed there that I thought was thoroughly delightful and put a grin on my face. For those who may not be initiated and familiar with the The National Post it has proudly proclaimed it’s intent to "provide a voice for Canadian conservatives" and openly advocates a "unite-the-right" movement in Canada and is the birthplace of Lawrence Solomon’s The Deniers.

Anyway John Moore in a July 16th 2009 op-ed article (aren’t all articles in the Canadian Post op-ed) writes:

One world government and global warming/climate change/whatever

I knew I was poking the bear when I sent my most recent column (Climate skeptic arguments don’t hold ice, July 14) to my editor here at the National Post. The [Financial] Post publishes almost weekly columns about the fiction of climate change so understandably some readers are well persuaded that the whole global warming house of cards is already tumbling down. The torrent of e-mails and some 48 on-line comments later and I have a new appreciation of just how fiercely some hold on to their denier status.


Ya just gotta read the whole piece, its great.

Maybe it’s just guilty pleasure and I shouldn’t really say this but I just love seeing the readers of CP get a stick in their eye.

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I just dscovered via Tim Lambert’s Deltoid blog that Peter Sinclair who produces the YouTube video series Climate Denial Crock of the Week has produced a new episode that provides futher debunking and discrediting to Martin Duurkin’s now infamous piece of trash "The Great Global Warming Swindle"

Climate Denial Crock of the Week: The Big Swindle Movie

Thanks Peter (and Tim). I added this great video essay to my own list of debunking references : “The Great Global Warming Swindle”? Shams & Lies

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